Add "Solved" on this part of the forum :-)

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Add "Solved" on this part of the forum :-)

Post by MJU »

I was reading this part of the forum, and it would be nice to see which suggestions are implemented.

Is it possible to add [Solved] to the title if the suggestion is added to Flowcode?
Would be a great feature to this forum.

Does anyone agree?

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Re: Add "Solved" on this part of the forum :-)

Post by Steve »

Yes, I think that's a good idea. However, it's a lot of work for someone to go through and moderate each topic.

Ideally, the topic originator should edit their original post and append "[solved]" to its title when the topic has been resolved. Some users do this already, and it does help others know when an issue has a solution without requiring the whole thread to be read.

If you (or others) see posts that would really benefit from being marked as "solved", you could perhaps PM the original author to suggest they mark it as solved. Someone with moderator rights (Matrix staff or a VC) could also edit the topic title.

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