Pi Touch screen programming

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Pi Touch screen programming

Post by stuartwili »

i want to program a Pi with the standard 7" touch screen that is available through the Pi Hut. i am using flow code V8 is there any examples programs available to use as a base starting point, that i could adapt.
cheers stuart

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Re: Pi Touch screen programming

Post by Steve »

I've personally not used that display with the Pi, but other users may have. Although I have searched these forums and not found any relevant posts.

Hopefully someone who has used it will be able to help.

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Re: Pi Touch screen programming

Post by Benj »


Do you know what controller the display uses and what style of interface the display is using to connect to the RPI pins?

Do you have a link to the display?

You may find that the Pi already has a driver to be able to control the display and then you can simply use the existing GLCD RPI component to draw to the display like you can with the HDMI display interface.

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Re: Pi Touch screen programming

Post by chipfryer27 »


Despite having various Pi devices I've only ever used them "headless".

The WaveShare devices are popular "generic" screens and I believe that the display is usually connected via HDMI with the Touchscreen (based on the XPT2046) connected via SPI. So I would try the FC Raspberry Pi HDMI component for the display and the FC Touchscreen (XPT2046) component, both found under Displays.

Unfortunately I don't have any screen to try.


Sorry, forgot you are using FC v8. The touchscreen is under "sensors".

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