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Help! TLV320AIC3100 Enabling Class-D on speaker

Posted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:07 am
by Leonarnhy

I'm working with the TLV320AIC3100 bought from ... EVM-U.html connected to an AM3358. We're using the speaker output, and I seem to be unable to enable the Class-D Speaker Driver - I'm writing 0x86 to page 1 register 32, but when I read it back it just reports 0x06. Checking page 0 register 37 shows that the Class-D is powered down: 0x88 - for the DAC stages being powered.

Does anyone know what would cause this? (Basically the chip is not allowing me to power the Class-D stage).

{I'm not required to support input so I'm not configuring the ADC side of the chip, doubt this should matter.}

-- Details

From a configuration perspective I'm:

1. Software reseting the Codec

2. Configuring the PLL

3. Initializing the DAC

For (3) I do the steps in the following order:

1. Write to 0.63: Power on LDAC and disable soft-stepping

2. Write to 0.64: R channel mute, L channel active

3. Write to 1.35: 0x40 to configure L-DAC to LCHAN mixer.

4. Write to 1.38: 0x80 to route Left to speaker

5. Write to 1.42: 0x04 to unmute the speaker

6. Write to 1.32: 0x86 to enable the Class-D

When I read back in (6) I just get 0x06.