Question about dsPIC33

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Question about dsPIC33

Post by RLOPES780 »

I will use dsPIC33.
The supply voltage is 3.6 volts.
I will use a interfade with pins I / O (RBO, RB1, etc) with an LCD display generic.
Supply voltage of the LCD display is 5 volts.
I can directly on the pins of dsPIC33 with pins the display?

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Re: Question about dsPIC33

Post by kersing »

1) Please do not use all capitals in your messages. I do not like people yelling so I lowercased your message.

2) dsPIC33 devices use a supply voltage of 3.3 volt, not 3.6 volt.

3) The answer to your question is: depends. Most dsPIC33 have a couple of 5 volt tolerant input pins. However for a display you need output and the high level of the pins (at roughly 3.3 volt) might not high for you display. You will need to look at the data sheet for your display to determine what the level for a 1 input signal is.
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