PICKit alternative?

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Jan Lichtenbelt
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PICKit alternative?

Post by Jan Lichtenbelt »

Trying to understand an USB to ICSP, I googled to find alternatives for PICKit. I found one interesting at http://usbpicprog.org/. But I was wondering why they use a PIC18F2550 and not a more simple one in the 16F range? And I was wondering if the pricipal of the program is know, so you can try to use Flowcode to program it yourself.

How can help?

Kind regards

Jan Lichtenbelt

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Re: PICKit alternative?

Post by kersing »

Hi Jan,

The programmer has been created in or before 2009. At that time the 16F devices with USB were not available. Currently more USB capable devices are available, I think based on capabilities and price difference the 18F range USB devices are still a better choice at the moment. Prices for the dil package versions @ farnell:
16F1455 - 14 pin, 1K RAM, 14K flash - Euro 1,59
18F25K50 - 28 pin, 2K RAM, 32K flash - Euro 2,69

Given the size of their firmware I do not think it would fit the 14K flash in the 16F1455.

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